ReStore offering paint recycling to Madison, Clark counties - Central Kentucky News

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With the actual launch involving its newest recycling effort, Habitat for Humanity regarding Madison along with Clark Counties ReStore is offering an economical and eco-friendly method with regard to patrons to obtain rid involving latex paint.

ReStore is a retail outlet exactly where donated constructing materials, residence improvement merchandise, appliances, housewares and furniture can always be bought from 50 % below marketplace value. ReStore props up mission regarding Habitat pertaining to Humanity to provide simple, decent along with cost-effective housing for people in need of assistance through generating revenue to create along with renovate Habitat homes inside Madison and also Clark counties.

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need an account? create one now. you want an internet support for you to view this short article in its entirety. ReStores inventory, which include new and utilized items, comes from builders, retailers, distributors and folks that donate everything via constructing supplies along with supplies to end up being able to light fixtures as well as furniture.

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